Five Natural Anxiety Cures

Anxiety is a big problem in today’s society. If it is experienced for long, it gives you a feeling of helplessness. At one point in time, everyone has experienced a degree of anxiety. Sharp or tight feelings in the chest, shortness of breath and other symptoms are experienced if stress occurs regularly for a period.

Natural cures for anxiety help stimulate the body by doing away with the patterns of tension naturally. The natural anxiety treatments do not contain any man-made chemicals hence there are no adverse side effects experienced. But it doesn’t mean all natural medicines are at the same level; they can work differently depending on the content used to make it. Natural remedies will help reduce the impact of anxiety. The natural cure includes:

Breathing Techniques

Is some of the powerful natural anxiety cure. If they are practiced and repeated always, they will produce longer relief, and they act immediately. Meditation, work out, yoga, and autohypnosis is other natural techniques available for curing anxiety.

Massage Therapyfscfsf

It is a fantastic natural anxiety cure that distresses you, relieves muscle fatigue and restores a controlled sleeping pattern. Common anxiety side effects include not getting enough full night sleep and insomnia.

Chamomile Tea

It is the most common natural cure for anxiety. It can be consumed daily, and it is sold as a tea packet. This tea can buy in bulk from the health food stores.

Herbal Remedies

There are available natural herbs that can help to cure anxiety. One of the traditional herbal remedies is the valerian root. It can be a better solution for people with mild anxiety pattern as it is commonly used for sleeping issues. It is available in the form of tincture and encapsulated form. The pill as not so useful as the valerian root though it can reduce the potent of smell.


It is one of the top natural cures for anxiety. It is done by soaking essential oils infused with a warm water bath. Rose, jasmine, lavender, cypress and Neroli are some of the available essential oils. Aromatherapy is relaxing and quite pleasant.

In an onset of anxiety breathing is the first thing affected. So intentional breathing is an efficient way to cure anxiety naturally. It should be the first immediate action you should take in case of a panic or anxiety attack to be able to control your emotional state. It is safe to inhale and exhale intentionally and slowly in the day while in a relaxed and supported sitting position.